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tv   News  ABC  November 16, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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story and i am like who are those people you are one of them. >> i found it i've got 13 days i haven't use mood can you ask if you can give them to me. >> that's a nice gift. >> i will split them. >> okay. >> you can have a cat fight. >> i am giving you good weather for your birthday. >> fun. what are you offering? >> oh, boy. >> what you got? >> let me think about it. >> let's talk about what's going on. as of now, well we are mainly dry but seeing showers down to the south of baltimore this morning. around lexington park and colonial beach showers. and this is starting to diminish and will continue to do so going through the rest of the morning. be prepared to get sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. right now, temperatures are cold coming in at 40 degrees in stevensville and catonsville at 38 and west friendship at 34 degrees right now. we do have patchy fog in frederick. so, be prepared for that as you roll out and about. look at the planner.
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49 degrees by lunchtime. quite chilly and the sunshine and the clouds still mixing together. by the afternoon, the high temperature coming in at 51 degrees. and don't think we will be socked in like i toll charley. we will get sunshine high pressure is going to do its thing. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with a very serious crash in baltimore county. it's in white marsh and has shut down philadelphia road at bradshaw road. baltimore county police crash team is on the scene and we will bring you the very latest as it becomes available. you will want to stick with route 40 in the meantime. here's hunt valley at 83 shawan road everything is moving along. no delays as you head down to the beltway and it will remain clear get unget jfx and head downtown. this is get on the jfx and head downtown. -- get on jfx and head downtown. the west side of the beltway nice and clear this purple friday. 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95.
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that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charley over to you. a week after resigning as cia director because of an alleged extra marital affair david petraeus will testify about the response to the deadly benghazi attacks. renee marsh is live in d.c. to tell us about what could be coming from today's hearings. >> reporter: well, petraeus will testify before both the house and senate intelligence committee and these will be closed-door hearings. now, although the mission of the hearing is to focus on attack in benghazi libya it's possible that someone could bring up that elephant in the room, namely whether petraeus is a fair --affair may have compromised national security but for his part he said he never passedclassified information to the woman he was having an affair w an official with knowledge of the case tells cnn today that the former cia chief is expected to tell
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lawmakers he suspectedalmost immediately that the attack was the work of an al-qaeda affiliate but the official says there was other intelligence about 20 reports suggested an antiislamic movie may have been to blame for the attack. for those reports as far as they go they were disproved but that happened after petraeus' initial briefing to congress. he is also expected to tell lawmakers he had no direct involvement with the talking points used by u.s. ambassador susan rice in the days following the attack. as you may know she's been under fire for suggesting the attack was sparked by spontaneous protest he against the antimuslim film. now let's go one day back yesterday, we did see house hearings on the specific issue happening and we know lawmakers they looked at video surveillance video and say that it helped them fill in the
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blanks of what happened on september 11th. >> is there word about another investigation possibly involving general petraeus? >> reporter: yeah there's word the cia is looking into whether petraeus used cia resources during this time when he was having this affair with paula broadwell. >> all right. renee marsh thanks for the time. tensions are mounting in gaza and that's because violence is escalating between israel and pals stine especially the -- palestine especially the militants in gaza. israeli rockets have been slamming into targets in gaza city some 85 missiles exploded within 45 minutes today. one flattened a section of the interior ministry leaving a pile of rubble. look for the latest updates in the video all day on the website and we will keep everything up to speed. new information an deadly accident on 5 parade honor-- on a parade honoring wound veterans. police say a decorated flatbed
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truck was crossing the tracks when a train slammed into it yesterday. four people were killed and 17 others were injured. >> we have been able to have the situation under control and deliver the best patient care possible in the types of situations. as far as -- as long as i've been here i haven't seen something to this magnitude. >> according to witnesses the train was sounding its horn and people in the flatbed truck were able to scramble off it before the collision. authorities say a prelimb marry -- preliminary investigation shows the crossing gates and lights were working at the time of the collision. now to story about the remarkable courage of a 4th grade girl. >> she's been through so much but keeps a smile on her face. she is in a wheelchair paralyzed from the chest down. in july of last year, a truck hit the family and the car head on in fort worth texas her spine was fractured. the 19 year old driver had a blood alcohol content nearly 3 times the legal limit. when he reached a plea deal last week she was given the
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chance to say something so she took the opportunity. >> my mom does a lot for me, but i try myself. there are days that i cry because i can't do what i used to do. >> she was walking a year and a half ago and that's what hurts the worst. >> we are told that there was not a dry eye in the courtroom when she read the letter. chee says -- she says it was emotional but is hopeful to walk again. the brother of mia farrow is facing charges of sexual abuse accused of molesting two boys during a period of years. authorities say the investigation began back in september when the two alleged victims now in their late teens came forward. neighbors are shocked by the allegations. >> i've had only a few interactions with him in the 13 years we have been here. and he is a very nice man and his son is polite and very nice
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boy and it was quite shocking. >> police are looking for the possibility of other victims. 400 bucks can buy a lot of toys especially for a 4-year- old. >> yeah but a boy decided to donate all his money to charity and in return he got to spend the day with hereos. we will explain this remarkable story. >> you can tell a lot about your baby's cry and one family says it was their infant's whales that -- wails that saved their lives. how it got them out of their burning home in time.
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a young baby is credited with saving her family's life. >> her cry alert them to the flames running lieu home. she hold popping sounds and told her boyfriend to check it out and saw black smoke and woke up 5 other people sleeping including three children and
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his girlfriend's parents. >> she is our little savior i hear. she definitely woke us up at the appropriate time. >> the fire department is calling the home a total loss and it's likely it was electrical wiring in the wall that caused that fire in the first place. >> abc2 news to go is coming up next. >> stay with us this morning. we are following breaking news that coming out anne arundel county. >> reporter: fire crews spent much of the morning on a two alarm fire in glen burnie. details coming up. >> reporter: tis the season for santa and beautiful holiday lights. where to find it all for free coming up. >> we can get a couple light showers this morning but we are going to get sunshine this afternoon. i will tell you when it wind down coming up. >> reporter: no problems to report on 95 downtown but we are dealing with a very serious crash in baltimore county. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland.
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this is your of a bc2 news to go on this -- abc2 news to go on this friday morning i am megan pringle.
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>> and i am charley pringle let's get to the forecast with lynette charles. >> a few showers diminishing through the rest of the morning we will get sunshine throughout the day. looking at maryland's most powerful radar around pocomoke city this morning as we go through time we are going to see temperatures stay cold. so we are starting out cold and stay chilly cold going into the afternoon. man chester at 34 right now. and frederick at 35 degrees. hagerstown at 33. and as we look at shady side that temperature at 40 sparrows point 39 and easton at 41 this morning. that's what you can expect. you need the big coat as you step out this morning. this is what the planner looks like through the rest of today. lunchtime temperatures upper 40s and by 3 this will be the high temperatures and as we go through the evening temperatures will drop back off. cold is the theme this morning. and chilly is the theme as we head through the rest of the afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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we are following a very serious crash in baltimore county. it's in kingsville on fill testify yeah road and it's going to be should down at bradshaw and medivac responded and landed at huber's farm so traveling in the area, you want to stick with route 40 and we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. and if you are traveling in cockeysville no problems on 83. nice and clear from shawan to 695. but we are dealing with an accident on warren road at beaver dam road. if you are heading to 695 this is what it looks like the top side nice and clear at 83. and no problem to report on inner loop heading to 95. and the outer loop normal conditions right now looking at an 11 minute ride from 95 up to 83. the west side of the beltway nice and clear. looking at 9 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 to 70. and no problems to report this morning travel through the fort mchenry tunnel. an 8-minute ride northbound from the beltway to the toll plaza. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. we have breaking news out
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of glen bernie. >> crews have been battling a two alarm fire in a commercial area. sherrie johnson is here with the latest in the details. what's going on. >> reporter: we spoke with fire investigators and we have learned that fire started about 2:30 this morning. we have all new information and video into the newsroom. when crews arrived in the 600 block of crane highway this glen burnie they found an auto repair store and vacant building fully engulfed in heavy flames. 63 firefighters battled that two alarm fire and they had a tough time trying to put out the fire from the outside. >> when the fire department was defensive the fire was through the roof and the roof caved in and biggest danger to firefighters is having a roof cave in for them inside. we put water from the exterior. >> reporter: fire investigators tell us that no one was injured in the fire. so far, there's no word on what caused it. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. thanks giving is less than a week away and holidays will be here before you know it in
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looking for something to do to get into the holiday spirit, there are exciting things going on in downtown baltimore. and that's where we find linda so to tell us all about it. hey linda. >> reporter: hi, guys, take a look the sun is up so you can't see it that well. but i can tell you this light show is pretty cool. it's something they flash up on phillip's seafood restaurant and hard rock cafe and when it's dark it lights up. this is part of its it's a water front life something fun for the whole family. and here to tell us more about it beth with the water front partnership. what is it all about. >> it's a water front life and we have events throughout november and december mainly all free and definitely family friendly. >> so let's start with this light show. >> it's very cool. we saw it over 16 times last year. my son has been asking for the past 6 months. and it's not great enough there's going to be fire work every show that will pop up over the top of the build and new special effects and it could possibly be snow.
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>> reporter: awesome that sound good everyone likes snow. tomorrow, you have a lot going on. >> a lot going on. so we will kick off with winter wonderland and the train rides and reindeer rides and circus acts and strolling entertainers and crafts and community parade that kids will make lanterns and glow wands and parade down with mark bands -- mashing bands. -- marching bands. santa arrives and they will mark down to the power plant at 7 p.m. >> reporter: and this goes on through december. >> yes. there's so many more events with the science center midnight noon and national aquarium has several events and there's tons of stuff going on. >> reporter: sounds fun and we are looking for something to do with our family again this spectacular light show will be on display tomorrow lots of family fun activities planned so if you are looking for something to do come downtown. for live in downtown baltimore linda so abc2 news. santa claus is coming to
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towson. old st. nick say risk today going to get his holiday home at towson town center later this morning and there's going to be special performances and give aways for children to kick off the holiday season. and the avenue in white marsh will be decked out for the holidays beginning tonight. festivities start at 6 with a musical performance followed by santa's arrival at 7 to light the christmas tree. once that is lit santa visits the children and be available for pictures. our very own jamie costello is the master of ceremonies tonight at the event. we wear purple as ravens make their way to steel city and sunday night's game won't look like the ones in years past. no ray, no webb and no big ben. roethlisberger has a dislocated rib he suffered last week. ravens lead the steelers by one game in the afc northern division. kick off sunday night is set for 8:20. tis the season to give and ray rice is getting into the holiday spirit by helping stuff a bus for the maryland food
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bank. from 5 until 8 drop off food at the shop rite in timonium. items needed the most are pasta infant formula and canned fruits and veggies and oatmeal and rice. 9 minutes away from 7. five things to know as you head out this morning. a hospital base domestic violence program is launched today. staff are trained to screen patient and provide resource for victims of domestic violence. >> a-- it may be good news for your boss but not you. americans are wasting two vacation days a year according to a study by expedia. the biggest reasons for throwing the days away are scheduling conflicts and hopes the days might roll over to the next year. >> holte hostess will workers will learn if they have a job. they will announce whether they will file for bankruptcy employees went on strike because the pay was being cut by 8% next year. >> parents hope to get the nine
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fendo wi. can he expect a flight. analyst predict it will fly off the shelf and there will be a shortage because they started production late. cold weather is here and before we know it we will see snow. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is meeting with represent sighs from the -- representatives from the snow team to talk about how they are preparing for the upcoming winter season. >> see the video. i know we had a mild winter last year. a little snow two years ago. but nome geton a couple years -- snow geton a couple years before that. >> we will be above average this year but most definitely more snow in the mix than last season yesterday right last season. let's talk about what's going on right now. no type of snow across the area. no. no. we do see rain down to the south this will begin to diminish as well going throughout the day. and we will begin to have high pressure building in here across the area. let's show you what's going on on the satellite and radar. not a whole lot but the fact is
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that the dry times are here to stay for the most part. and as we check out what's going on in terms of the high pressure, this will begin to work its way off from the midwest into our area. so that's why we will be getting sunshine in here going throughout the day. and taking you outside, seek what's going on in bel air this morning. we have the sun-cloud mix and it's going to be a very nice day on tap so enjoy it but grab the heavy coat. 37 degrees in parkville right now. and 33 in westminster. we look in stevensville and we are coming in at 40 and tillman at 43. chestertown at 38 and aberdeen at 37. so for today, the high temperatures coming in at 51 under partly cloudy skies. and that is chilly for this time of the year. 33 degrees will be our temperature for this evening. and it's going to be cold we will have a few clouds out there. and by tomorrow the temperature at 52 still a bit chilly and temperatures trying to bump up a bit but having a hard time. and, we are talking about game day. yes, we are going to beat the
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steelers look at temperatures. good football weather. 43 a few cloud wind out of the southeast and kick off is at 8:20 on sunday. this is the 7-day forecast for you as you look at the temperatures they stay in the low 50s all the way until tuesday. and good time -- [ no audio -- looking pretty -- pretty good. 57 degrees but breezy. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are following a very serious crash in baltimore county. it's in kingsville that shut down philadelphia road betweenjoppa farm road and broad shaw road. medivac landed at huber's farm so expect the road to be closed for a while. use route 40 to get around the closures. we will bring you the latest as it becomes available. traveling on 695, everything is up to speed at green spring avenue. you will want to watch out for a crash on green spring avenue right at key worth avenue in northwest baltimore. this is what it looks like the
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83s and no problems on the inner loop traveling to 95. outer loop conditions normal. 11 minutes to travel from 95 all the way up to 83. and if you are headed to the tunnels no problems to report. fort mchenry tunnel in great shape 8 minutes northbound from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. your 4-year-old loves balloons and cakes and presents on their birthday butthis is not your typical kid. with $400 of birthday money to buy a lot of toys e. gave it to the burn institute in sacramento california because of his gooddeed he was given a tour of the firehouse and firefighters were impressed with his act of generosity especially a man who need help from the burn institute. >> two years ago i was burned in a house explosion. especially everything that myself and my friend went through to see a young man who is 4 years old to do that huge. >> firefighters hope there are
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more kids like him who put others before them sneeze 4 years old is incredible he had the idea to do what in the first place. you think your birthday and think toys but his mind was somewhere else. >> on the road this morning quickly, we have got water mains and detours around there right. >> reporter: yeah, repairs underway in baltimore city. but the main story right now on the roads is the serious crash in kingsville. philadelphia road is shut down for a while between joppa farm road and bradshaw road. several people injured. we will bring you the latest. we are following it all morning on >> all right. great. >> recap of the weather. >> yeah. >> football weather? >> good football weather for sunday and we have a few showers mainly to the south but high pressure will begin to move in so you will get sunshine on your birthday birthday boy. >> happy birthday charley. >> thank you for that. >> okay quickly now you talked about football weather and what football players are doing. >> head to because we have a list of things going on in the community ed reid
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feeding 300 families. >> you have ray lieu apes ray rice so many getting involved a great way to give back.
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